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Jennifer Higdon Early Chamber Works
Performed by Serafin String Quartet
Naxos Release July 2013

"The Serafin apply a silken finesse and gritty vibrancy to their duties and members of the ensemble take part in several other works with first-rate colleagues - pianist Charles Abramovic and bassoonist Eric Stomberg - to telling effect."
        -Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone October 2013

"performances are exceptional"
        -Gimbel, American Record Guide, January/February 2014

"The performances of the Serafin String Quartet are superb..."
"...this CD achieves the 'must-have' status that I accord to relatively few CDs that I review. Do be sure to acquire this one."
        -David DeBoer Canfield, Fanfare Magazine 2013

"As with the Serafin Quartet's Quartet American Style disc on Centaur, the group's beauty of tone is heard once more to good effect here."
        -Fanfare Magazine 2014 Colin Clarke

"The Delaware-based Serafin String Quartet makes an impressive CLOFO debut here. Their spot-on intonation, attention to rhythmic detail, superb sense of phrasing, and rich ensemble sound result in technically accomplished glowing accounts of [Sky Quartet and Amazing Grace]."
        -Bob McQuiston, Classical Lost and Found (, August 25, 2013

" outstanding release and one worth adding to your Higdon collection."
        -Lynn Rene Bayley, Fanfare Magazine 2013

"...a set of exceptional performances filled with moments of crude primitivism and delicate lyricism."
        -Jorge Variego, Fanfare Magazine 2013

"The performances match the scores for dedicated singleness of purpose."
        -Classical Modern Music, August 6, 2013

"beauty of tone is heard once more to good effect here"
        -Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine January 2014

"...beautifully phrased and well paced" "...Serafin Quartet conveys its drama and sometimes almost orchestral-sounding textures with passion and elegance"
        -David Kettle, The Strad Magazine, January 2014

Serafin String Quartet debut disc
Centaur CD, 2010

"...effortlessly delightful in Gershwin's Lullaby [which is] played with style and sophistication. The sound is full and clear."
        -Tim Homfray, Strad Magazine

"[Serafin's Centaur CD is] irresistible musical experience. ...[they] savor hauntingly beautiful melodies and infectious rhythms. In the Lento, the accents ...are beautifully sounded and the slow diminuendo at the end is a marvel to hear. [Barber's Quartet] gets an eloquent performance, one that may inspire other quartets to program it more often. George Gershwin's [Lullaby] makes for the perfect close."
        -Phil's Reviews

"...lovely textures ... infectious lilt. ...a strong penchant for clarity...a lovely, shimmering sound []in the Lento. The last movement is so light and airy sounds elegant as much as it does celebratory."
" excellent introduction to the Serafin Quartet's work, and a disc well worth hearing."
        -Lynn René Bayley, Fanfare Magazine 2013

"a fine, distinctive, and thoroughly competitive performance unusual degree of transparency and excellent balances ...each instrument registers distinctly [and is] ...technically secure [with]...firmness of rhythm, integration of tempo, and clear articulation..."
"Free of idiosyncrasy but not of nuance, their interpretation [of Dvorak 'American Quartet'] is ...skillfully handled [with] ...a tasteful simplicity and restraint."
"Measured against better-known rivals, in this case the Emerson and Endellion quartets (DG and EMI respectively), the Serafin players once again turn in a persuasive performance [of Barber Quartet]."
"...fine ensemble with its own distinctive character. I recommend it and hope that the quartet will have the opportunity to make many more."
        -Daniel Morrison, Fanfare Magazine 2013

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